Guest Contributions

Caralynn James started this website as a platform where she can share her passion for writing fiction. She was sharing valuable insights and tips that can inspire and help aspiring writers to get started on their journey in the world of books, bringing stories of different genres into life. But Caralynn was also passionate about investment, personal finance and trading in multiple markets like forex market, stock market and cryptocurrency market. 

After contemplating for a while, she decided to add these areas of interest to the platform as fiction writers can also have a passion for finance even though the two fields seem to have no connection at the very first glance.  Being a writer or narrator of a story requires a lot of research, skill and discipline. Being an investor or trader in the financial markets also requires market research, skill and discipline. 

When you are writing a fictional story, the force that drives you is your own imagination but investment and trading should always be aligned with reality and logic has to be prioritised. For Caralynn, writing fiction is also a way to relieve the stress that is an inseparable part of the trading process and that’s how she is able to give her best in managing finances and investing. 

What We Want From Our Writers? 

What we expect from our writers is well-researched content on topics like forex, crypto, socks and even fiction if you have an experience or passion to write fictional stories. But for now, we are focusing more on the financial markets category. The content should be well-structured and informative. The word count can be between 800 and 1500, depending on the depth of the topic you pick for the blog. 

What You Will Get By Writing For Us?

One thing we can promise you while writing for us is credit for your work as we want you to include a short bio or profile telling about yourself along with links to your social media accounts. You will be recognised for your work and readers would love to stay connected with you on other platforms. It is a great opportunity for aspiring writers to reach a wider audience and gather more experience. 

Experienced writers can also connect with more readers and establish themselves in the finance world as a trusted source for information. As you will be guiding our readers to navigate the volatile markets, you will also learn more about the world of trading, which can help you in becoming an expert in these topics. 

Email Us 

So, if you feel like you have found the right platform to showcase your writing skills and expertise in the topic that interests you, please reach out to us via email  You can submit your content ideas and writings here as well and we will let you know more after reviewing the blog. We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us and we are always here to give all the support that you will need as a new guest writer. So, let’s connect and create content together!